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Celebrating the timeless bible of rock and metal anthems, the band brings you back to when singers can sing, and guitar players can play!

Based around the catalog of Black Sabbath with both Ozzy, and Ronnie James Dio at the center microphone, and filled in with Dio’s timeless solo career and Rainbow classics, this tribute walks in with a set list that is hit, after hit, after hit.

In their 19th year of showcasing across the Midwest, the band was formed long before Dio’s terrible passing, by true fans of the material, and it was formed with utmost love, care, and attention to detail. The members are a who’s who of legendary midwest talent and affiliation (from Radakka, The Pamela Moore Band, David Shankle Group, Damien Thorne, Novembers Doom,  Earthen Grave, the Suffering), but they aren’t here for that. They are here for the love of the material.

And it’s the magnitude of love, and attention that sets this band apart from all others. Timeless crowd pleasers from War Pigs, Heaven and Hell, Holy Diver, Man on the Silver Mountain, NIB, Fairies Wear Boots, The Last In Line, The Mob Rules and Long Live Rock and Roll all delivered with an organic arena level stage presence that leaves jaws on the floor. This music has a place in all our hearts and HNH is proud to bring continue to bring it to the public heading into it’s 17th year!

If you’ve not seen Heaven and Hell (Chicago) now is your chance. Come out and celebrate this music with us.

And Long Live Rock and Roll.